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Mercenary Team – Pussylovers

Following several requests, it is also possible for the solo players and for the players in teams without their complete team to register and join the ranks of the mercenary of Team Pussylovers!
A team with a very strange name for mercenaries …

These requests from players motivated us to put a team of mercenaries in place for this event so that anyone who wishes can also participate and play at the 2017 Beach Cup.

The „Pussylovers“ will be a team composed of 10 players max. We should have enough playing time for everyone. The Pussylovers team will have its captain who will ensure that no one stays out of the field and that everything is well organized and shared fairly.

Each mercenary will receive his personalized jersey from Team Pussylovers with his jersey number and name on it.
This jersey is included in the admission price for mercenaries.

99 € / player


How the Pussy Lovers are dividing the paint cost ?

Pussy Lovers will divide all boxes between each player, each Pussy Lover will pay the same amount.

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