2018 Beach Cup – Das Paintball Turnier

Dear Paintball Community,

we are happy to announce today the Finale Beach Cup Location 2018.

After consultation with the city, we were able to secure a new stadium, as the location you know in Trogir will be completely renovated this year. The decision on the reorganization was made at short notice by the Croatian Football Association. In the course of the World Cup qualification of the Croatian national team, the country gets funds from FIFA which will be used to expand a lot of football stadiums and squares.

After several discussions with the city of Trogir, we came to the decision to book the field again earliest 2019 to the venue for the Beach Cup. We do not want to take any risks this year and hope that the construction work on the field will be completed on schedule. For this reason, we have now located another location and secured for you.

The new location is called Omis and is also located on the beautiful Dalmatian coast. The stadium has 5000 seats, showers, toilets, changing rooms and a great infrastructure. Of course, the football stadium is again right on the sea which is not 50m away from the venue. From the rostrum you have the perfect view of the field, the sea, a crystal clear river and an impressive mountain range.

We believe that Omis will be the best place for the Beach Cup so far. The city has a lot of history to offer, as well as several restaurants and bars. In addition, there are a variety of activities in the countryside and on the Adriatic. Omis offers you the widest selection of sports activities in Dalmatia such as bouldering, jet skiing, ziplining, paragliding, tennis, fitness, rafting, canoeing, sailing, big game fishing, diving, snorkeling and much much more.

The Riviera in Omis has as usual a crystal blue sea and many beautiful beaches which are all within walking distance. If you stay in Omis, you do not need a rental car for activities, meals and parties. Everything is within easy walking distance.

With the location Omis we set a completely new standard regarding the location and we are sure to have achieved with this stadium once again an improvement of the infrastructure.

We look forward to many teams, players and visitors.

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