2018 Beach Cup – Das Paintball Turnier

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. How can I participate in Beach Cup 2018

It´s very easy to become part of the Beach Cup Europe in Croatia. Click on "Register" in the main menu and book a place for your team.
Or just click here:

Q. How do I register

To participate in the Beach Cup Event, you need a player card (ID card). The player card is your ticket and will charge you for playing. We will send you, your ID card directly within 5 working days.

Get your player card here:

Q. Which payment do we accept

We accept Paypal and bank transfer for payment of participation, player card and merchandise

Q. You want to play in both divisions

If you want to play at 5vs.5 you get the permission to play in only one team! It is not allowed to play in Division I and Division II at the same time. But there is no problem to play at the Beach Cup in the 5vs.5 and 3vs.3 parallel.

Q. Shuttle Service - From Split Airport to your accommodation!

We provide a shuttle service directly from Split Airport (SPU) to your accommodation. We only charge a small donation and bring you comfortably to your dwelling. The driver speaks English and is available day and night during your stay in Croatia.

Q. What about a photographer

We have our own photographer on the whole event. If you still want to bring your own photographer, he is required to buy a media pass for 50 €. In addition, these images must be made available retroactively for copyright reasons and provided with our logo when published.

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